Pediatric Sleep Doctor Launches DrLullaby, First Customized Sleep Program To Provide Home Access to Sleep Strategies & PhD Coaching

Behavioral Sleep Medicine Provider Dr. Lisa Medalie Provides Solution to “Coronamonia”

With insomnia now affecting nearly six out of 10 Americans1 “coronasomnia” requires new, innovative ways to help people get better sleep. To address this growing problem, Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM) provider Dr. Lisa Medalie just announced the launch of DrLullaby,
an evidence-based mobile app now available or the IOS store, accessible to consumers from the safety of their home. The app provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (e.g. tips and habit-changes for improving control over behaviors and emotions) and relevant family therapy/parent training interventions for children and parents experiencing negative effects of sleep problems.

Coronasmnia refers to the way the pandemic has interfered with sleep, including inconsistent sleep schedules, decreased exercise and elevated screen time and stress due to homeschooling and financial impacts. Sleep loss not only leads to challenges for kids and families around mood and behavior but affects academic performance. Adequate sleep is also vital to immune system support and healthy family functioning.

“As a practitioner in clinic, I’ve seen the difference it makes for kids and parents when everyone is getting the rest they need – from improved behavior and performance in school to lower stress levels. I’m thrilled the DrLullaby app allows us to expand access to care and ensure more families are able to easily obtain solutions for sleep during a time when sleep is so important, especially for immune system support,” states Dr. Medalie.

DrLullaby is designed to help children of all ages and their parents, by providing an age-appropriate customized sleep plan relevant to the type of sleep problem experienced. In response to the increased need for at-home support, DrLullaby offers one-on-one video coaching alongside customized sleep programs.

Coaches include top-tier behaviorists (PhD, PsyD), who teach families the best ways to customize plans and stay motivated, all while making necessary changes for the entire family to optimize and sleep better.

Practice guidelines published by the American College of Physicians (ACP)2 and American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)3 recommend Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (CBT-1) and behavioral interventions as the first-line treatment for insomnia management. Specialists qualified to deliver this treatment include board-certified BSM providers but unfortunately, demand these specialists drastically exceeds supply, and nearly 63% of U.S. cities4 have no BSM providers5.

World-renowned pediatric sleep physician, Dr. David Gozal, proclaims, “For the first time, convenient, innovative, non-pharmaceutical, yet scientifically-proven solutions to frequent sleep problems are available widely to consumers through DrLullaby”. After learning about DrLullaby through the University of Chicago New Venture Challenge at Booth, known business leader in the digital health space, Lee Shapiro, remarks, “Insomnia Specialist Dr. Lisa Medalie is helping families live happier and healthier lives using a balanced approach of digital and live coaching to make important sleep guidance more accessible.’

The app guides parents through a set of simple questions about their kids’ Sleep habits and tracks progress through nightly sleep logs. In as little as one month, when parents consistently implement changes through the lessons and tools provided, kids will start getting a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis. Parents can continue using the app to maintain gains for the long term and receive customized support through video visit coaching alongside their custom sleep plan, and can work with the data and their pediatrician/doctor to help inform and improve overall care.

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About DrLullaby
DrLullaby is the first evidence-based digital sleep solutions platform, alongside PhD coaching, for children, and their parents. The company i’s led by Dr. Lisa Medalie, a board-certified formally trained Pediatric Insomnia Specialist. Dr. Lisa Medalie trained at Johns Hopkins and Harvard and currently directs the Pediatric Insomnia Program at University of Chicago. She is the co-author of the book Putting Sleep Problems to Bed, Solutions
for Children 0-18 Years
. Her work has been published in journals such as JAMA, Journal of Child Science and Sleep. She has been featured as a sleep expert on Dr. Oz, CNN, NPR, Forbes and New York Times. More about the company can be found on its web site: or visit the IOS store.

For more information about DrLullaby, please email Dr. Lisa Medalie,

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