How It Works

Our evidence-based program delivers proven methodologies and techniques to help regain healthy sleep patterns for your entire family. Start today in easy steps

Answer a few questions

Video sessions every 1-2 weeks

Work on one lesson at a time

Log sleep and view progress

Tell your primary care doctor to follow along

Behavioral Health Experts

At a time when we all can use extra support, let our PhD’s and PsyD’s give a helping hand.

Access to highly educated thought leaders

Learn how to customize your sleep plan to your unique needs

Conveniently accessed from your home


Video Sessions ($250 value)


Live video visits with top/tier PhD’s

*Sessions can be purchased individually or as a bundled package of 5 sessions, scheduling is done through the WebApp

*If you purchase an individual session to start, multiple login AND individual login are accessible

What is included with your bundle subscription?

  • Video sessions with top-tier behavioral health experts
  • Custom sleep plan featuring Dr. Medalie teaching lessons through videos, reading materials and worksheets
  • Sleep logging to track progress
  • Services accessible via Web

What Our Clients Say

After following the DrLullaby plan, my 3-year old son's increased sleep has resulted in improved behavior and focus. It doesn't hurt that I now also have time to myself at night. I am extremely thankful to DrLullaby as it has helped my family sleep better.

Emily, Active Subscriber


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