Get a better night’s sleep and don’t let coronavirus concerns run down your immune system

DrLullaby’s founder, Lisa Medalie, PsyD, DBSM contributes to this Chicago Tribune article, on how important sleep is to stay happy and healthy during the pandemic as well as how to achieve it. University of Chicago behavioral sleep medicine specialist Dr. Lisa Medalie agrees. She said sufficient sleep can improve mood control, provide immune system support, and help with cognitive functioning, which helps keep up productivity. “Try your best to keep working on sleep optimization … remember that optimizing sleep may not always lead to feeling different during the day, but at least it is helping with immune system support,” she said. “If you are at least doing your best to optimize sleep and get enough sleep, that is all you can control.” Like “me time” an hour before bedtime, where one minimizes conversations with family or calls during that hour,” says Medalie. According to the clinical associate of psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medicine, we each need at least one hour alone per day, which is challenging but important to set up now that kids are home, she said. “Finding a spot in your home that you can dedicate for your ‘me time’ is a great idea.”