Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How does DrLullaby work?

DrLullaby offers research-backed sleep habit changes. You can sign up for the “Supportive Solution” which includes both video sessions AND premium digital health content; or “Self-Service” which includes ONLY the premium digital health content.

  • You will fill in sleep logs, try behavior change strategies and receive customized support from the brightest minds in behavioral health

What is the digital health content?

Since Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia and behavioral therapies are considered “first-line” in the management of insomnia, Dr. Medalie AKA DrLullaby, teaches about these modalities and interventions in the “premium content” of the digital health platform. Each “lesson” is one of these evidence-based interventions in the first-line treatment plan. The lessons include: brief 3-minute videos, reading materials, worksheets and graphic “how-to’s”.

The customization part of your plan occurs after you answer the screening questions. You receive a custom set of behavior change lessons based on age group and type of sleep problem. You will fill in sleep logs, view progress through graphs and averages, and complete 1 lesson every 1-2 weeks. You can use the library to fill in the gaps and learn additional lessons that are not in your custom set. If you sign up for video visits, your “expert” can help customize your assigned plan to meet your unique needs.

What are video sessions?

When you start our sign-up process, you will answer questions in a way that will inform you which expert you will be assigned, and whether you will receive treatment or coaching. You will be able to sign-up and pay for your sessions through our site.

Depending on where you live (and whether there is a licensed DrLullaby expert in your state), you will either participate in “treatment” with one of our PhD’s or PsyD’s or “coaching”. In the treatment visits, your expert will take a full history to understand which sleep diagnosis is most appropriate. They will implement behavioral treatment by following the digital health content, and modifying to meet your unique needs. They can customize your sleep lessons by providing behavioral treatment appropriate for your unique needs. The coaching sessions will still be with our PhD’s or PsyD’s, but they will not provide diagnosis or treatment. Instead, they will teach lessons about sleep, and help keep you motivated to reach your goals. The coaches will provide support and encouragement.

The video sessions will occur on a HIPPA compliant platform. You will receive the link to join the appointment through your email or in your calendar link. Your expert will tell you how to sign-up for follow-up. Some prefer to do this on the video chat, whereas others will direct you back to our site.

How much does it cost?

If you sign-up for the “Supportive Solution”, you have several options. It costs $130 to sign up for 1 session. The full scope of digital health premium content is included in this plan, along with one 40-min video session with a PhD or PsyD.

We also offer bundled packages. If you are ready to sign-up for 5 sessions, you can pay a promotional discount of $525 (a $650 value) for this package. The full scope of digital health premium content is included in this plan, along with the five 40-min video sessions with a PhD or PsyD.

After you complete your bundle of sessions (i.e., and have no further video visits scheduled), you would then switch into “maintenance mode” to stay in the digital health system – continue keeping sleep logs and re-opening sleep lessons as needed. Maintenance mode cost $9.99/month.

If you want sign-up for the “Self-Service” now, you can try a 7-day free trial. From there it costs $9.99/month.

Is DrLullaby covered by insurance?

We have licensed experts in several states, but not all states. If we have a licensed expert in your state, you can receive “treatment”. Our team can provide you with a superbill to submit for insurance reimbursement. Not all plans will cover telehealth treatment, so if you are in a state where we have a licensed expert, please check with your insurance to find out if they cover telehealth with a licensed psychologist.

The digital health (i.e., “Self-Service”) is not reimbursable. You might talk to your employer to see if FSA/HSA covers such payments.

*If there is no licensed expert in your state, but you have a community of people in need – please contact Dr. Medalie ( to see if she can work on getting a licensed expert in your state so that sessions can be reimbursable in the near future.

What if there is more than one person in the family in need of help?

We offer a multiple family bundle so that you can log sleep for more than one family member. Likewise, you can have multiple family members attend video visits. We know that to experience peaceful evenings in a busy home, we often need to help more than one family member with sleep.

How can I involve my doctor?

Many people want their primary care doctor, sleep physician, neurologist, or other provider up-to-date with their sleep. We have great news for you – we have a provider portal where we can grant access – with your permission – to view your sleep data and assigned set of sleep lessons. Please have your doctor contact us directly (, with a signed consent stating your approval, and they can follow along with your sleep journey. This way, if you send them a mychart message (e.g., “my pain was terrible today, do you think I need a new medication?”), they can check your DrLullaby data, and see if perhaps sleep was relevant.

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