About Dr. Lisa Medalie, AKA DrLullaby

One of less than 200 board-certified insomnia specialists, and one of only a handful trained in both adult and pediatric sleep treatment.

  • Adult and Pediatric Insomnia Specialist at University of Chicago
  • Co-Author of the book Putting Sleep Problems to Bed
  • Residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Research Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School
  • Clinical Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of California, San Diego
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology from American School of Professional Psychology
  • Lecturer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine; Published in JAMA, Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep

Dr. Medalie is a Published Author

Learn more about Sleep Problems in Children ages 0-18 with an informative guide to help put these problems to bed.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people experience the value of easier nights. I shadowed my first sleep doctor when I was 17-years old and have been passionate about the impact of sleep ever since. I’m dedicated to disseminating tools that are backed in science.

-Dr. Lisa Medalie

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