Hi, I’m Dr. Medalie, AKA DrLullaby. Let me help you, or your children sleep better! Since so few of us are board-certified as Insomnia Specialists, yet so many people struggle to sleep, I brought the work I use with patients to your finger-tips.

Sleep problems occur at all ages – 70 million Americans struggle with sleep

Left unmanaged, sleep loss impacts health, mood, development, relationships and functioning at school or work.

Our digital health + telehealth platform lets you, and your doctor, access research-backed tools from top-tier professionals.

We can help:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • School-aged children
  • Teens
  • Adults

Start your journey to peaceful evenings with DrLullaby

DrLullaby Provides Exclusive Access to:

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia

Dr. Medalie teaches CBT-I concepts and other behavioral strategies through videos, reading materials, worksheets and graphics

Sleep Data

Through filling in daily sleep logs, you can track progress. Averages, graphs, and nightly data allows you to see the gains you are making with sleep

Live Video Visits

We have the brightest PhD’s and PsyD’s in behavioral health to provide support, customization and keep you motivated to reach your goals

Referring Doctor Access

If your doctor suggested DrLullaby, they can access your data between visits

See what others are saying!

Best sleep doc ever

Dr. Lullaby is the best. I am so excited to have the app now for our 3rd child – She worked miracles for our other less than ideal sleepers! When your child gets a goodnight sleep, it is life changing! I highly recommend this app and all resources available or recommended by this amazing sleep doc.

Dr. Lullaby is a lifesaver!

Wow! Cannot begin to list all the amazing things this app has done for me and my family. The sleep plan is easy to understand and extremely manageable. Easy to keep track of progression and my son loves to follow along. It’s made a huge difference in behaviors as well! A must have! Thank you Dr. Lullaby!

Love this app!

This app is amazing! I was having so much trouble with my 8 year old's bedtime before I discovered DrLullaby! It has such great suggestions and insight into what's going on with her sleep. The sleep plan has meant all the difference in the world for her – and for us. Thank you DrLullaby!


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Access the first-line recommendation for sleep problems – CBT-I/behavioral strategies – from the comfort of your home:

  • Custom sleep plans through our WebApp
  • Video visits with PhD’s and PsyD’s
  • Sleep logging and data summaries
  • Referring doctors can view your data


Supportive Solution

Video visits + Premium content

  • Virtual sessions with PhD’s and PsyD’s
  • Track your sleep through the same sleep log system used by insomnia specialists
  • Dr. Medalie’s videos, reading material, worksheets and graphics available

Video sessions

($250 value)




Access to premium content and sleep log dashboard

  • Track your sleep through the same sleep log system used by insomnia specialists
  • Dr. Medalie’s videos, reading material, worksheets and graphics available



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We believe Families Who Sleep Better, Live Better

Dr. Lullaby offers expert based services to help reduce stress and frustration related to pediatric sleep help.

What Our Clients Say

After following the DrLullaby plan, my 3-year old son's increased sleep has resulted in improved behavior and focus. It doesn't hurt that I now also have time to myself at night. I am extremely thankful to DrLullaby as it has helped my family sleep better.

Emily, Active Subscriber


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